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The Lashify Control Kit™


The Lashify Control Kit™

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Curlaide Moisture Butter

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Curlaide Moisture Butter


Why we do what we do

Candour Beauty provides an exquisitely curated collection of the best beauty products for black skin. We’ve sourced the most sought-after beauty, hair and personal care products from around the world from brands that help serve the beauty needs of black women.

Black women like us are at our core but we are proud to help women from around the world discover the best in beauty, hair care and personal care.


Discover the best products for black skin


If you’re looking for the best skin care products for black skin, you’ve found the right place. Whether you’re dealing with dark spots and are looking for the best products for hyperpigmentation in black skin or you’re searching for the best cream for glowing dark skin, SPF for black skin that doesn’t leave a white cast or the best face serum for black skin, we’ve got you. 
Discover the best products for black skin in our curated skincare collections at Candour Beauty.


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Whatever your hair type, at Candour Beauty we’ve curated the very best hair products for afro hair. Whether you have curls, coils, kinks or chemically treated hair we want to share the most effective and best afro hair products with you. If you’re looking for the best shampoo for afro hair, the best conditioner for afro hairr, the best leave-in conditioner for afro hair or the styling products that you need, we’ve got you covered.

Discover the best afro hair care products in our curated haircare collections for black hair at Candour Beauty.


Discover the best personal care products for you

Personal Care Collection

Taking care of your body is an important part of your daily wellness routine. Our curated collection of personal care products includes the best body lotions for black skin, period products and the vitamins and health supplements that you need to nourish your body. Your wellbeing journey starts here.

Discover the best products for black skin in our curated personal care collections at Candour Beauty.


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