Best Products for Afro Hair, Textured Hair and Mixed Hair


Whatever your hair’s texture and however you wear it, black hair needs the right hair care products to stop it from becoming dry and damaged. Curly, kinky and coily hair – and many of us have a mix of different curl patterns - can be more prone to dryness as the scalp’s natural oils don’t travel down the hair shaft as easily as with straight hair.

Black British women spend 6 times more on their hair than other women, so it’s clear that choosing the right products is important. We’ve curated a collection of the best black hair care products to give you some tips on daily care for afro hair.

Shampoos for Afro and Textured Hair

Washing your hair too often can cause it to dry out – you’ll know the right frequency to wash your hair to balance out dryness and build up. Another tip for washing is not to use water that’s too hot on your hair as this can be drying and can lead to frizz.
Here’s what we recommend for as the best products for Afro hair when it comes to keep your hair and scalp clean without drying it out:

Perfect for soothing, moisturising and relieving dry and itchy scalp whilst effectively cleansing your hair, this prevents flakes, dryness and helps to detangle your hair.

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Perfect for soothing, moisturising and relieving dry and itchy scalp whilst effectively cleansing your hair, this prevents flakes, dryness and helps to detangle your hair.

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Conditioners for Afro and Textured Hair

 Conditioning your hair is really important to keep your hair and scalp hydrated and to tame flyaway hairs and split ends. Remember, the only real way to get rid of split ends is with regular trims, which are essential for stronger hair. Take a look at these great regular conditioners for black hair:

This conditioner softens, balances and conditions your hair and scalp without weighing it down, leaving your hair manageable and soft.

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This conditioner corrects moisture imbalances and adds body to hair, as well as helping to prevent further moisture loss due to chemicals and heat styling. It’s great for relaxed hair but works well for all hair textures.

Candour Beauty| Keracare Humeco Creame Conditioner| 240ml

Protection Leave in Conditioner, Caring for Your Edges and Heat Protection

As we’ve already said, textured and Afro hair needs to be kept moisturised to stay healthy and looking its best. You also need to look after your edges to protect them and promote growth. If you use any kind of heat or thermal styling tools then heat protection is a must too.

Here are the products that we love for keeping your hair protected

Ideal for hair that’s been exposed to heat and chemicals, the set helps to restore your strands for a more lustrous and shiny finish. Containing a No.0, No.3, and No.6, the bundle is a strengthening, fortifying collection that allows you to recharge your haircare routine.

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The KeraCare Leave in Conditioner helps prevent thermal, combing and ultraviolet damage. It helps detangle wet hair, seal cuticles, balance pH and preserve elasticity.

Candour Beauty| Keracare Leave In Conditioner| 120ml
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This treatment invigorates the scalp, promotes growth and nourishes your hair with a gentle hold. It's also free from sulphates, parabens and mineral oil.

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Worried About Breakage or Hair Loss in Afro hair?

If you’re worried about breakage or hair loss – traction alopecia and centrifugal cicatricial alopecia can be more common with Afro hair, along with style-related breakage - then you need to really nourish, moisturise and care for your hair.

We spoke to Simone Thomas, a trichologist and haircare expert who has successfully treated customers with a range of different hair types about hair loss in textured hair. She said:

We all take our hair for granted from time to time, but losing it altogether is a life changing experience that many people suffer with every day.

“Textured hair has the lowest density of the three types of hair with an average of 120 – 140 per square centimetre. A healthy scalp will contain 60,000 follicles. The hair shaft is flat with a twisted structure (kidney shaped when seen in a cross section) and a thin diameter.

“Where these twists occur, there is a change in the width of the hair creating weak points along the hair, and this is one of the reasons why the hair breaks so easily and can become damaged.”

For hair that’s damaged or delicate, we recommend giving your hair some TLC with these haircare products for black hair:


This masque can help to repair damage, stop breakage, soften, shine, moisturise and condition hair that’s dry or brittle. It really helps to noticeably improve the condition of your hair.

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Treat your edges with this breakthrough treatment for severe and localised hair thinning due to weaving, braiding, relaxing, or heat styling. 80% of women who tested this product saw increased hair density in areas of fall out after just 6 week

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Flourish - Totally Nourishing Hair Butter 100g

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Flow - Perfectly Balanced Facial Oil, 50ml

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