When it comes to a complete skincare routine, using a form of  sun protection is critical for a healthy skin. As we begin to look closely at how to protect our skin and prevent early ageing signs, conversations have moved on from the initial myths of ‘Black don’t crack’ to ‘Black don’t crack only if we protect it’. Dr Ophelia Dadzie, the UK’s leading ethnic dermatologist, says there needs to be a “radical overhaul of our approach to the skin”. The myths of “black don’t crack” and “beige don’t age” have led many to believe that those with higher levels of melanin do not need to protect their skin 

Whilst black and brown skin has increased melanin production(ours is a special kind called eumelanin.) that better protects against damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun, our skin is not invincible and melanoma (cancerous growth) is still a serious danger for us.

 When it comes to skin cancer, reducing the risk is just as important as decreasing the degree to which people die from it. Black skin is generally said to have an SPF of 13%  and this is half as much required to effectively combat the harmful UV rays that can cause problems for our skin, as advised by dermatologists and scientists who say a minimum SPF for adequate protection is 30. Scientists also warn us that people who have high blood pressure and lupus should also take extra care to incorporate sunscreen into their daily routine.They suggest, that Lupus directly increases the skin’s sensitivity to light, while certain medications and treatments for high blood pressure also increase the skin’s sensitivity to light and therefore the risk of UV rays damage.

 For cosmetic reasons and general health of the skin, sunscreen is also a must. Majority of people of brown and black skin suffer from hyper-pigmentation, dark patches of skin that usually occurs when an excess of melanin  forms deposits on the skin. This issue worsens with exposure to UV rays and wearing sunscreen is a great way to prevent existing or new dark patches from forming.  Whist sunscreen products of SPF 30 and above are easily accessible, most black and brown people often stay away because of the ashy white film that most leave on the skin and for women, it certainly doesn’t look good under any make up. Luckily, companies such as Blackgirl Sunscreen (exclusive to Candour Beauty in the UK)  have arrived unto the beauty scene with an intensely moisturising and effective sunscreen which is  designed with darker skin in mind.

Women Skin Care

Even in the winter months,  skin experts insists that sunscreen is still required because we still need to protect our skin from UV rays in order to prevent other skin issues. Not wearing sunscreen on a daily basis (even when it is cloudy) can exacerbate blotchy patches of hyper-pigmentation.  Even more so for those of us chasing ‘Winter Sun’, products with up to SPF 50 is a good investment to ensure your skin remains protected as you move between extremes of temperature. SPF products such as the one from Swiss sun care expert Ultrasun, Ultrasun's Face Anti-Ageing Lotion SPF 50+ adequately protects your skin as you move between climates and helps to keep your melanin magical.

Don’t forget to love your hands

Hand Care

We’ve already established that regular sunscreen application can protect us from hyper-pigmentation and skin cancer, but it can also do a pretty solid job of shielding our  hands from the ageing side effects of the sun. Sadly, though, hands can sometimes become an afterthought when we’re focused on covering  the most obvious parts, our face and neck.

The skin on the back of our hands is thinner than our face and other parts of our body, which makes it more vulnerable to wrinkles and sun damage. Using a good hand moisturiser containing SPF such as, Ultrasun- Anti-Ageing & Anti-Pigmentaton Hand Cream SPF 30 will definitely help keep our hands well protected.


Hydrate: Water, Water, and more water….One more advise that we’ve taken to heart here at Candour Beauty is to keep our body hydrated  by drinking plenty of water. Skincare experts all around the world concur on this advice and so do we.

 “As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others’. Audery Hepburn

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