Sun Protection and SPF for Black and brown Skin



Candour Beauty Guide - Sun Protection and SPF for Black and Brown Skin

As great as the sun makes us feel, and as good as sunlight can be for our health, it's a fact that too much sun exposure can lead to premature ageing, skin cancer, hyperpigmentation and melasma in black and brown skin.

While it’s true that the natural melanin in black and brown skin offers some protection against the sun, this doesn’t mean that SPF is optional. Everyone who spends any amount of time under the sun, regardless of skin tone and regardless of the weather, should be wearing SPF to protect their skin.

Let’s find out more about SPF, sunscreen and why you should be wearing it, whatever your skin tone.

What is SPF?

There are two types of light from the sun that cause sun damage - UVA and UVB. Your skin needs protection from both types to avoid premature ageing and skin cancer. SPF protects against UVB, so look for products with broad spectrum coverage as this will protect against both UVA and UVB.

SPF is a number that indicates how long the sun would take to damage your skin when using the product exactly as directed vs the amount of time with no sunscreen. Black skin is thought to naturally have an SPF of 13, which is a great start but it’s not enough to stay protected.

Everyone should ideally be wearing SPF 30 every day. Even if your makeup or skincare products contain SPF, this isn’t usually enough to keep your skin protected from both UVA and UVB. Your sunscreen should be applied directly to your face before the rest of your routine.

Types of Sunscreen

There are two different types of sunscreen that stop sun damage:

  • Physical (mineral) sunscreen - ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide block the sun and scatter the rays before they penetrate your skin
  • Chemical sunscreen - ingredients like avobenzone and octisalate absorb UV rays before they damage your skin.

It’s worth remembering that physical sunscreens that use ingredients like zinc oxide can leave your skin looking ashy as they leave a white cast on your skin. This can give sunscreen a bad rep for darker skin tones, so we often prefer chemical sunscreen products.t

We love Black Girl Sunscreen, which is why it’s exclusively available from Candour Beauty in the UK.

Created by Shontay Lundy specifically for melanated skin, Black Girl Sunscreen dries completely clear, is water resistant and is filled with moisturising ingredients like jojoba and avocado. You can wear it under your makeup, to play sports or to swim (reapply it afterwards).  

It’s also completely cruelty free, vegan, natural and comes with a SPF of 30. We even have the kid’s version available which comes in SPF50 for even more protection.

Ultrasun is another fantastic sunscreen brand for darker skin tones. The range offers specially formulated SPF for the face, body and hands - the Ultrasun Transparent Sports Spray is a must-have when it comes to SPF that doesn't leave a residue or a white cast on brown and black skin. It also absorbs super-quickly and is easy to reapply as needed, so you can stay safe from the sun straight away.

Don’t skip on your SPF, your skin will thank you for it!


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