Hello Cup

Small + Medium Menstrual Cup

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Meet the original, multi-award-winning menstrual cup designed for people with an average cervix height. This small + medium cup is a complete game changer when it comes to your period. Made in New Zealand, menstrual cups are planet friendly and holds way more than tampons do. This product will save you the money and the fuss and it won’t dry out your vagina like tampons. It's the perfect starting point for teenagers, petite users or those who prefer a mini tampon. This cup is 38mm in diameter and the overall length, including the toggle, is 56mm. It holds 17ml (to the holes).

Candid Notes+
Reusable for years and also comfortable, this cup will make you change your mind about period management- periodt!. The Hello Cup is reusable for at least five years and is made from super safe, medical grade TPE which is soft to the touch. Finding your perfect size menstrual cup can sometimes take a bit of trial and error and so we always recommend that if you are unsure of size, get two different sizes to help take the guess away and if you can use a large cup on heavy days and a smaller close or not so heavy days . We love this product especially because its designed by people with vaginas for people with vaginas 😘 

How to Use+
The best fold to use with the hello cups is a shallow punchdown fold. shallow’ because the key is to make sure is that the punch doesn’t go all the way to the bottom of the cup. Once you’ve nailed the fold, insert your cup. Once it pops open, give it a gentle tug to help it form a seal and you’re good to go Like most things in life, you might need to practice a bit until you’ve got the hang of it. To remove your Hello Cup, feel for the base of the cup. Give it a gentle squeeze – this helps to break the seal – and pull down slowly. Once it’s out, simply tip the contents down the loo, rinse (or wipe if there’s no tap handy) and reinsert. Easy! Once your period is over, we recommend you sterilise your Hello Cup by using a 1/4 of a sterilisation tablet or boil.

Made from top-notch medical grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). They contain no rubber, latex, BPAs, heavy metals or other nasties. Colours used are certified food grade and comply with EU and FDA standards. Hello Cups are recyclable and are FDA registered.

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