Best serums & oils for hyperpigmentation



Candour Beauty Guide - best serums & oils for hyperpigmentation

Struggling with dark spots and hyperpigmentation? Serums and oils can be a great way to treat uneven skin tone.

Hyperpigmentation is a term used to describe darker patches on the surface of the skin. It’s caused by excess melanin production in the skin and is more common in black skin. Genetics, lifestyle, the condition of your skin and the products you use all play a part in hyperpigmentation, and it can be more common as you get older.

A good - and consistent - skincare routine can help to prevent and reduce hyperpigmentation on the skin. Facial oils and serums should be a part of your routine to help you to handle your hyperpigmentation.

Best Facial Oils for Hyperpigmentation

A facial oil is great for hyperpigmentation as it helps to seal in moisture, restores the skin’s lipid barrier and provides nutrients to the skin. These nutrients include fatty acids and antioxidants which repair, protect and regenerate your skin. These factors are all extremely important when it comes to reducing the appearance of blemishes and hyperpigmentation.

Whatever your skin type, there’s a facial oil out there for you that will benefit your hyperpigmentation. Just keeping the skin hydrated and locking in moisture by using a facial oil will benefit your skin. Rosehip seed oil, vitamin E oil (found in almond oil) and argan oil are some of the best carrier oils to use in your everyday skincare routine to reduce the appearance of dark marks.

Recommended Oils for Hyperpigmentation

Flow Perfectly Balanced Facial Oil contains blackcurrant seed oil to repair and protect the skin along with frankincense skin to promote smoother, firmer skin. It’s suitable for all skin types and is made from 100% natural ingredients.

For hyperpigmentation on your body, try the lightly scented Nuhanciam Metamorphosis Skincare Oil. It contains a blend of macadamia oil, milk thistle oil, hazelnut oil and kendi oil with Alpha-Melight™ to help lighten dark marks.

Best Serums for Hyperpigmentation

A serum is a skincare product that you usually use after cleansing (but before moisturising) to deliver a high concentration of active ingredients directly onto your skin. It’s great for tackling any areas of skin where you have a specific concern, such as hyperpigmentation.

Not only can a serum help to reduce hyperpigmentation, it can also help to protect your skin from the causes of hyperpigmentation. Serums feel light, absorb quickly into the skin and shouldn’t interfere with the rest of your beauty routine.

Recommended Serums for Hyperpigmentation

Dr Barbara Sturm’s The Good C Vitamin C Serum helps to reduce uneven pigmentation, improve tone and protect the skin from stressors in the environment which can contribute to hyperpigmentation.

Nuhanciam Anti-Dark Spot Concentrate Serum fights persistent dark spots using active ingredients. These ingredients reduce and lighten dark spots, with visible results in 60 days.

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