It's time to invest in your body care routine, the same way you do for your facial care.

Whether we are dealing with uneven skin tone, ashiness, dullness or in-grown hairs, it is important to incorporate products into your routine that will help deliver the glow and radiance your body deserves.

By: Nateisha Scott


Dryness or more commonly known as ashy skin (dry, flaky and often grey looking) is a visible sign that your skin is dry. Avoid letting your skin completely dry out post-shower in order to avoid the white cast that appears on the skin once thoroughly towel dried.

Apply your moisturiser when the skin is damp that way, like a sponge when wet, it will easily absorb more hydration as your pores are still open. Combine a cream and oil to your regime to thicken the agent and provide a stronger and richer duo to eliminate any dryness and leave your skin ash-free.

Natural and rich ingredients such as shea butter and oil, ylang ylang, macadamia oil are all examples of Candour Beauty recommended properties to implement into your routine.


When there is a build of dead skin cells, your skin can look dull and perhaps even grey. To combat this, exfoliate the skin once or twice a week to remove the dead skin cells and reveal a brighter complexion underneath. Reach out for skin polishing ingredients or scrubs that will slough away dead skin cells and buff your body to a healthy finish.

Always moisturise post-exfoliation, your body will need the hydration more than ever.

Uneven Skin Tone

Your body may have darker areas than others and whilst that is perfectly fine, you may have the desire to even out your complexion. In combination with exfoliating the skin, try a body treatment that contains ingredients such as Vitamin C as a brightening agent to even your body’s tone.


Everybody can experience break outs especially on the back and chest and whilst it is strongly advised to seek the advice from a Dermatologist (especially when it comes to acne), there are particular ingredients that you can try at home that will combat usual breakouts. When showering, work with a, effective cleanser that contains active ingredients such as Salicylic acid, as an exfoliating agent it will break down the skin cell’s glue and slough dead skin cells away as well as de-clog the pores. Your back and chest can easily become congested due to lack of air and perspiration and therefore working with an effective shower gel will help eliminate future breakouts.

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