WOW! We are super excited to write our first Joint article on a platform we have individually dreamt about for the longest time. The story of how we started CB is really amazing and one day further down the line we’d love to share it with you because even till today, we are still blown away and extremely grateful for the friendship we started and where it has led us. 

 Viola Davis once said “When women support women, amazing things can happen and the foundation of this website is a true testament of this. 


‘Finally a place that loves you is our mantra because for years and years Black women have often been overlooked, overshadowed and ignored in the mainstream beauty marketplace.  

Everyone talks about inclusion within the beauty industry but often this inclusion is not very well executed as it is often perceived as ‘tokenism’ or a tick box exercise. Even with some mainstream brands - which we happen to love, whilst they seem to have the best intentions, the attempts to connect with us often fall short as it comes from a place of lack of understanding.

Continually, as a community we hear and share the same experiences about how difficult it is buying from specific shops owned by people outside our ethnic communities who have no understanding or experience using the products aimed at Black women. 

Equally, this is also felt with larger high street stores where we are not represented on the shelves and have few sales assistants with any understanding of which products to recommend for our specific needs. As a result, we are wasting money and constantly trialling products which have been poorly recommended. 

Candour Beauty is on a mission to change this narrative by creating a platform which gives access to products and information that specifically cater to the needs of Black women. 

Candour Beauty Founders

What you’ll find

Created for you, this platform puts women of colour at the forefront to provide a curated selection of products across three main categories; Skincare, Haircare and Personal Care. Honestly speaking, all our products are suitable for all women but just more specifically for those of African and Caribbean heritage.

Candour means the quality of being open and honest and that is what you will find here! For our launch collection we have selected brands from America, France, Ghana, New Zealand and the UK. Each product has been tried and tested by ourselves and those within our growing diverse community; the CBInsiders

On each product page we have featured Candid Notes, which is a personalised description of why we love the product. And with time this feature will serve as the voice of the #CBInsiders

What to expect  

It's only just the beginning and we have so much more to offer… 

Here within our Candid Stories space you will find a mixture of stories and features on a range of topics related to beauty, personal care and lifestyle written by ourselves and guest writers.

As we continue to source various products from brands around the world, we encourage you to sign up via email to become a #CBInsider, follow us on all our socials and share our information with your loved ones. Also, please do get involved by feeding back product reviews, product recommendations and anything that compels you to want to reach out so we can inform and educate each other. 

If you’d like to join and be a part of our diverse interactive community the CB Insiders sign up for our newsletter and catch us on instagram @candourbeautyofficial & twitter @candourbeauty

Always with love,

Abi Lawrence- Adesida & Jacqueline Kusamotu

Candour Beauty Founders Abi Lawrence & Jacqueline Kusamotu

Images by Shot by Shonay

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