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Meet The award winning natural beauty Company: Afro Hair & Skin Co

The award-winning Afro Hair & Skin Co make natural skin and hair care in small batches in the UK using the finest organic, natural and locally sourced British ingredients. The Afro Hair & Skin Co Flow Facial Oil was voted as ‘best skincare for and by people of colour’ by Vogue.

Founded by wellness and beauty expert Ibi Meier-Oruitemeka, an advocate for holistic health and wellness in black women, Afro Hair & Skin Co started out with a goal to eliminate the ingredients that she felt contributed to the undermining of black women’s health and wellbeing.

This led to five years of research and development to create high-functioning natural alternatives, focusing on sustainable, locally-sourced ingredients that support British artisans. Let’s discover some of the hero products from Afro Hair & Skin Co, all available at Candour Beauty.


Known for their effective formulations for skin of colour, here are the skincare essentials that you need to know about from Afro Hair & Skin Co

Afro Hair & Skin Co Flow - Perfectly Balanced Facial Oil

This award winning, nutrient rich Flow Perfectly Balanced Facial Oil will leave you glowing with health. Containing carefully selected natural ingredients that will support, comfort and restore your skin's natural functions. It contains blackcurrant seed oil, which has reparative and protective properties.

Infused with organic Ylang Ylang Flower, a potent naturally balancing floral oil that helps to stop the overproduction of oil in your skin, a known factor in the causes of acne, pimples and breakouts. It also contains frankincense oil which helps to promote a smoother, firmer tone to the skin.

Flow - Perfectly Balanced Facial Oil, 50ml
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Afro Hair & Skin Co Rebirth Glow Recovery Clay Mask

Rebirth Glow Recovery Clay Mask gently cleans and exfoliates to leave your skin refreshed. This mask has a unique blend of three ionically charged clays that include Bentonite and Moroccan Lava Clay that work to extract impurities from deep under the skin, leaving you with a healthy glow while providing your skin with essential minerals, enzymes and antioxidants.

 Balancing the regenerative properties of mineral clay with the nourishing and restorative benefits of raw Cacao and organic coconut milk, this mask draws in moisture and restores skin vitality. Rebirth is also enhanced with organic turmeric to promote healing.

Afro_Hair_and_Skin_Rebirth-Glow_mask| Candour Beauty
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When it comes to a clean and natural hair care routine, you need The Afro Hair & Skin Co’s organic, vegan hair care essentials to nourish and hydrate your hair. Here are the hair care heroes to try out:

Afro Hair & Skin Co Totally Nourishing Hair Butter

The Totally Nourishing Hair Butter is a deeply restorative hair butter that works to soothe dry and damaged hair by absorbing deeply into the hair shaft. This rich butter quickly adds softness and restores life back to dull or parched hair.

Made with a carefully selected blend of organic walnut butter and locally sourced camelina, flaxseed and poppy flower seed oils, it’s suitable for natural hair or locs, relaxed and chemically treated hair.

Bloom - Omega Healthy Hair Oil 100ml
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Afro Hair & Skin Co Bloom Omega Healthy Hair Oil

The Bloom Omega Healthy Hair Oil is rich and densely packed with omegas and essential fatty acids that deliver health to your hair from its roots to the ends. It gently nourishes the scalp without suffocating or clogging your hair follicles, whilst fortifying the entire length of your hair, providing superior resistance against breakage.

It can be used to seal in moisture into your hair as a leave-in conditioner, pre-shampoo treatment or as a hot oil treatment. Bloom will protect and strengthen your hair allowing you to maintain steady healthy hair growth through better retention.

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