The benefits of facial rolling

Facial rolling is an ancient wellness practice that’s become even more popular again over the last few years. It’s easy to add into your daily routine, can seriously support your skincare goals and helps you add some self care into your day, boosting your relaxation. Here’s everything you need to know about facial rolling, and how to make it a part of your wellness routine.

What is facial rolling?

With its roots in ancient Chinese medicine (just like gua sha), facial rolling is a simple skincare practice that involves rolling a tool across your skin to encourage lymphatic drainage, cool the skin and increase blood flow. This can help your skin to look brighter and decrease puffiness, as well as helping to make your face look firmer and more sculpted. Facial rollers are usually made from jade, gemstones, rose quartz or amethyst and can be used to massage skincare products - like serums and moisturisers - into your skin. The cooling, smoothing effects of the roller can help you to feel calm and relaxed too. So who should use facial rollers in their skincare routine? The great news is that their benefits work for every skin type, tone and age. They don’t cause damage to the skin, instead promoting firmer, smooth skin without puffiness. All you need is a facial roller to get started.

The benefits of facial rolling

Here’s a little recap of the benefits of facial rolling, so you can see straight away why you should add this practice into your daily rituals right away:

  • Improves lymphatic flow and drainage
  • Improves blood flow and adds glow
  • Reduces puffiness and inflammation
  • Cools and soothes skin
  • Provides relaxation and helps to destress
  • Distributes skincare ingredients more evenly

It takes just a few minutes a day to use your facial roller, so when you match up the time spent vs the benefits of facial rolling it makes sense to get started.

How to use a facial roller (step-by-step guide)

Using a facial roller couldn’t be easier to add into your routine. Here’s a guide to a routine to seriously boost your skincare benefits:

  1. Start at the centre of the chin and roll up to just below your ear
  2. Roll the across your neck in upward movements (it always makes sense to roll upwards for draining and lifting benefits)
  3. Starting from the centre of your lips, roll up to the middle of your ear and then roll upwards on your neck again.
  4. Start from the side of your nose and roll up from under your cheekbones to the top of your ear.
  5. Then roll from the inside of your eyebrow and roll along your eyebrow, followed by another roll across your neck.
  6. Move across to your forehead and roll up into the hairline. Keep moving across the hairline in sections towards your temple until you’ve massaged your entire forehead.
  7. Starting at your clavicle (where your collarbones are), roll up to the back of your ear. Add 2-3 more sections to cover your neck muscle, but avoid the middle of your throat.


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