Looking after your edges

Almost all of us have heard the saying ‘Your hair is the crown you never take off’ and with that in mind its important to treat it with care and love.

For many of us black women, our hair is top priority and we are fortunate enough to have the ability to switch it up when ever we feel regardless of texture. From braids to weaves to wigs to leaving it in its natural state, black women have options but one thing to remember while switching it all up , is that we need to take special care of the delicate area around our hair line. The edges.

Speaking to Expert Hair stylist, Florence Johnson, owner of Hair Salon, Simply Gorgeous, based in Kilburn, we discuss the misconceptions around hair loss and what types of treatments you need to stimulate hair growth and to look after your edges.

NS: What are the common causes of losing your edges?

FJ: Thinning or complete loss of hair around the hair line is most often caused by protective styles that have been done too tightly. Specifically braids or cornrows. The hair here tends to be thinner and a lot more delicate so needs to be handled gently. If you’re ever in a position where you’re having a style done and you feel excessive tension or stress on your hair, let your stylist know. Additionally, wearing protective styles such as wigs without lining the hair line can also cause hair thinning over time due to friction.

 At SIMPLYGorgeous we ensure the hair integrity is never compromised throughout all services, taking extra care and consulting with our clients throughout services on how their scalp feels throughout. If you’re ever in a position where you’re having a style done and you feel excessive tension or stress on your hair, let your stylist know.


NS: What have you found are the common misconceptions around hair loss?

FJ: That there is one instant cure all. Unless you’ve experienced scarring on the scalp, hair that has been lost can grow back but it takes patience, time and the correct type of routine for your hair. Perseverance is the name of the game when it comes to recovering your hair

NS: How would you advise that you can strengthen your edges?

FJ: Leave them alone. If you can, when having a style done try to leave the hair that has been damaged alone. Any additional tension will compromise any potential new growth. If you have relaxed hair and are experience edge loss always ensure that the relaxer is applied last to the area, so it has the shortest time to process thus causing less potential damage. When sleeping always sleep with a silk or satin bonnet or pillowcase to prevent friction on the hair line that can be caused from traditional cotton pillowcases. Additionally, look at incorporating supplements into your diet to help support healthy hair growth. Vitamin A, Magnesium, Vitamin B , C and Vitamin E.

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NS: How do you treat edge loss in the salon? what products do you recommend?

FJ: For hair thinning and loss caused by styling we always explain that the process to regrowth is a long game with a routine that must be consistent and with the correct products for your hair type. We offer a hair MOT treatment that works to provide the utmost moisture to the hair as dry hair anywhere on the scalp cannot grow to its best potential.The treatment involves our signature oil blend that is applied to the scalp and massed in prior to the hair being washed. Regular massage of the scalp can be of great benefit to the hair as it helps to improve blood circulation, thus hair growth. Clients are then placed under the steamer for up to 40 minutes.

NS: What are any at-home treatments you would recommend?

FJ: Regular massages with a light oil blend such as Coconut Oil and Peppermint. Coconut Oil because it’s great for providing moisture and sealing moisture and Peppermint for its stimulating properties. Black Castor Oil is also nutrient rich and can help encourage hair growth, but I’ve found it does not work for everyone as the consistency is quite heavy and too much for those with fine hair.

NS: Your tips and tricks that you have learnt to grow edges?

FJ: Be gentle and when you can leave the area alone unless you are applying light moisturising products or massaging it.

NS: For weave/wig wearers, how do you look after the edges underneath?

FJ: Always wear a satin lined band or cap under your wig to prevent friction and hair loss.

NS: For braids/natural hair, how do you look after the edges underneath?

FJ: Ensure the hair is properly hydrated and moisturised and always sleep with/on a silk pillowcase or bonnet/scarf.


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