It's time for skincare for everyone

Candour Beauty now offers gender neutral skincare for melanated skin.

We take the time to personally curate every brand available at Candour Beauty to be able to offer amazing skincare for those with melanated skin. Up until now the brands we’ve partnered with have been female-focused, as that’s been our lived experience and what our customers have looked for.

But we recognise that it’s time to do more. The beauty industry needs to be more accessible to everybody with melanated skin; regardless of gender, skin tone and skincare needs. There needs to be excellent skincare for all skin tones, textures and types.

Unisex beauty brands that offer gender neutral skincare like Fenty, Aesop and Humanrace have all shown that beauty is no longer about being one-size-fits all, gendered and Eurocentric. We made a conscious decision to seek out brands that think this way, and want to embrace inclusivity in the same way that we do.

As a result, we’re extremely proud to be collaborating with gender neutral brand Melyon skincare.

Who are Melyon?


Meylon is a skincare brand created with melanated skin in mind, but with products that are suitable for all. The brand focuses on conditions that are more common in melanated skin, such as hyperpigmentation and severe dryness.

It was founded in Stockholm by model Roger Dupé after his experiences in the fashion industry showed him that there needed to be more diversity, inclusivity and solutions for every skin tone.

Melyon focuses on simple, effective ingredients that are vegan, free of parabens, ethically sourced and cruelty free. Inspired by Dupé’s African roots and traditions, the brand features ingredients such as Baobab oil commonly found in the region. The name itself comes from a combination of the English word “melanin” and the expression “enyonam” meaning “it is good for me” in Ghanaian/Togolese.

Melyon - a universal concept of beauty


The first collection of products available at Candour Beauty has everything you need for a full skincare routine, including :

  • Melyon Milk Cleanser – containing ginger root and salicylic acid, this gentle cleanser has everything you need to remove dirt and impurities without irritating your skin.
  • Melyon Detox Serum – contains hyaluronic acid and broccoli extract to firm and plump the skin for an even, toned look.
  • Melyon Day Cream – a rich antioxidant-filled moisturiser that leaves the skin with a protective silky and mattified finish.
  • Melyon Night Cream – this hydrating cream is filled with peptides and vitamin A to repair and strengthen the collagen in your skin whilst improving radiance.


Ready for Melyon?

As we continue to grow...


Rest assured, this doesn’t mean that we’re going to stop offering the products that you already know and love. Candour Beauty exists to curate the best products for melanated skin from around the world, and to show love to those who may have been underestimated, overlooked or ignored in the beauty marketplace. Our partnership with Melyon is about us continuing to move forward, grow – alongside our customers - and be able to offer gender neutral skincare products that everyone with melanated skin can use.

Candour Beauty: ‘Finally a place that loves you.’


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