Lashify Core Gossamer® Curl Lashes

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The Curl Gossamer® delivers a natural look with a doe-eyed curl by combining the lightweight, delicate flutter of the Amplify Gossamer with the curl power of the Bold Gossamer. This style opens up the eye to give an extra lift!

  • 100% Premium Korean PBT Silk
  • 35 Individual fibers per Gossamer®
  • 12 Gossamer® lashes per cartridge
  • Color: Black
  • Thickness: .07mm
  • Curl: D Multi-Curl
  • Cruelty-free
Gossamer® lashes are none refundable.

Candid Notes+
Unlike anything you've ever experienced. The Gossamer Lashes allow you to customise and be your own personal lash tech. Wear them in multiple styles. From a fully stackable look to a light single stack. The patented design of the Gossamer lashes has an undetectable spine and is extremely light and damage free. For best results, we advise you to use with the patented Fuse Control™ Wand and bonds for correct application.

How to apply+
1. Gently remove Gossamers from the cartridge using your fingertips, getting as close as possible to the base of the lash. If using the Fuse Control™ Wand, do so in a soft and smooth motion with Wandoms™ applied. This creates a cushiony grip that protects the delicate Gossamer. 

2. Apply a light coat of black Whisper Light™ through natural lashes, wait 30 seconds to a minute. Repeat by dabbing to the base of natural lashes, concentrating above the root. Proceed by dotting clear Whisper Light about 1mm-2mm above the waterline. This serves as a marker for where to apply Gossamer lashes. 

3. Once the bond has dried clear and become tacky, use the Fuse Control Wand to place Gossamers on the underside of your upper lashes. Leave at least 1mm-2mm between the waterline and Gossamer, allowing for the root of your natural lash to show. Never apply on the waterline. 

4. Use the curved end of the Fuse Control Wand to follow the curvature of the eyelid from the outer corner to the bridge of the nose, and press down to “fuse” the Gossamers to your natural lashes. Slip the Wandoms onto the tips of the wand for a non-stick fuse. 

Many don't perfect Lashify on their first try, but many do. Regardless, the first few times should be about getting the placement right. It takes an average of three tries before it clicks. So, don't get discouraged! Once you've mastered placement, then you'll be able to master longevity. 

Gossamer® lashes are part of the Lashify system and are not your basic lash strip. For best results, do not handle with regular applicators or tweezers. Use with Lashify's patented Fuse Control™ Wand and other patented tools and formulas.

Gossamer® lashes are none refundable.

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